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I still update this thing occasionally when I find I have something to get off my chest in a way the entire internet can't read. I let most people read this, but not all. All public stuff is on my Tumblr.

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Old Icon Journal (no longer updated)

I would like to be able to create an account but i need an access code. Please help!!
you can send it to me at Thanks!!
A friend from school


Hey brit. Can i have the code to get on to live journal? Its you tokyo friend lyd. e-mail me k?


Did you know that llama's are big shaggy animals? AH! behold the power of llama's. So, seriously have you ever thought of raising llamas? Also we should get together to hang out soon! Sorry for the rambling.. it takes my mind off of a few things.. a certain boy.. a dead someone and my headache!! g2g,
The llama queen

*has added her* And for the consolation prize i give you... LOTS OF PIXIE STICKS!*hands them to her* You must SNORT THEM!

hello; i stopped by your journal and i think it's pretty cool. add me? if you do want to add me then could you please comment in the friends only entry in my journal to tell me you've added me so i can keep track? thanks :]

aaahhhh where did you get that homestar runner icon?!?! (or did you make it??)

~x to da izzo

little_luna_cat made it and is letting me use it since I find it hilarious. :D

I'm sorry to bother you. I was just wondering how you got that sometimes it rains icon to be gif instead of bmp. I didn't want to ask the girl that made them for me because she had already gone to so much trouble to make the icons. But I have had the worst time trying to figure this out today. >.

I believe it was .gif when I saved it... sorry. You comp may have been low on RAM or something, you might've just needed to restart to see it as .gif. Mine does that sometimes.

Hey, I found you lj surfing. Your journal's really cute! :0) -Ashe

Thanketh, I think I'll add you :O

Hey, I saw you through some AntiAvril community..
Your journal layout is dazzling <3 Yeah blah blah. I added you. :)

LMAO, thenku, I added you back ;D

*hug tackles* i added you!!!! add mee back?! <3 i give u sex!! PEAS?!

i'm desperately adding you to my list. can't find a word to describe what i've felt when i saw your layout. *sigh*

LOL, thanketh, I added you back.

hullo deah, i follow your icon journal and love your layout. i added you, hurrah!

^^ i'd like to be added

Ack sorry that took so long I was on vacation for the last 2 weeks o0;; I added you :OOO

I want a live journal really badly and I'm asking around if anyone can give me one... do you MAYBE have one i can use? I'll PROMISE to give it back once i get my own code.

*clickity click* *adds you ^_^*

I don't see why you would...

I added this and your icon journal to my friends list. Add me back if you see fit. :)

Hey I saw you liked My Ruin in your interests, mind if I add you? My name is Amanda and I'm from Los Angeles. I like other bands also, probably none you like though haha.

I love your layout :D

Hey my name is Bri, I added you ^^, plz add me back?

Re: I love your layout :D


I saw an awesome Chibiusa icon which was credited with your name, so I came here to let you know that I'll be using it [with credit, of course], and if there's any problem, I can take it down at your request.

thanks for coming to me about it. of course you can use it, it's no problem.

Oh, can you please add me? You're cool :).

oggled, drooled, may i stalk you now?

I stumbled across your icon LJ via all_icons. You make really good icons so of course I had to take one. I will credit, for sure.

Hm, do you mind if I continue to take icons from there but I will keep you mentioned somewhere in my LJ? You seem like an interesting person (know I sound like some sort of stalker) so I will be adding you to my friends list. Er, add me back~

hey you made me an icon here recently and i was wondering if you could add my picture to it?
AIM or Yahoo
x00xamberx00x (those are zeros)

Sure no prob, just send me the picture.

Crossposted to your icon journal

Hey, I'd like you to know that one of your icons is being uncredited. I asked the girl to give you credit for it. She refused by deleting my comment.

Re: Crossposted to your icon journal

Thanks for telling me.


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